Our brands


The brand ROCHEFONTAINE is our history. It  bears our future.

It is the symbol of our work and our skill.

It is a French family SME which was founded 45 years ago.

It can be found everywhere in France, at our distributors and retailers.

The brand offers a large range of sheer vegetables: vegetables, water, salt

Rochefontaine durably offers the best and tastiest vegetables in forever recycling glass jars.

We want our brand to satisfy our greatest demands on product top quality

Del Monte

Del Monte products fulfil the best quality levels for their products.

Consequentely, they chose our company to distribute Del Monte products in France.

We selected the best Kenyan pineapples, the Italian tomato products, and a range of other flavoursome Del Monte products.

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Brand of our customers

Rochefontaine company uses its know-how to support our customers in the marketing of high-quality products under their own brand. We thank them for their trust.