Creation and development

Rochefontaine is a family business

Creation of Rochefontaine

The Rochefontaine company was created in 1976 by Olivier PICARD.

Its name comes from a family farm in the countryside where the family is rooted.

Rochefontaine thereby  evokes its  integration  to the land : it was obvious for us to choose this as our brand.

Development through the years

In its early years, the company sold honey from France and then from all over the world.

In its early years, the company sold honey from France and then from all over the world. Thereby, Rochefontaine became the second largest company in France honey market in the 1980’s.

Then the company decided to focus on exceptional vegetables. Rochefontaine is one of the first French brands to use glass jars, which allow to see the products: our vegetables are so beautiful that  they must be shown to the consumers.


It is decided to offer vegetables from the purest lands, with respect to ancestral know-how: Olivier Picard  visits Peru, Brasil, Madagascar, to find the best  vegetables to can.

Innovating is the heart of our products and farmers selection, Rochefontaine is the first in France to offer a range of asparagus, hand-picked green beans, and palm hearts in glass jars.

How to offer premium quality

One only goal : the best quality for the most flavoursome products.

Such good products need no additive?

Rochefontaine has been investing in organic products for a long time ; respect of nature, soil, people at work, and limit our footprint  on our planet, is our motto.

And let our consumers know it!

In 2021, we have chosen to communicate with our consumers.

A poster campaign for the general public is being implemented in all major French cities.

27 million consumers can see a small patch of blue sky!