Vision and mission

Our mission is to present the very best and healthy vegetables,
according to your dietry habits

All our products are offered in their sheer simple and natural form : vegetables, water, and salt for the most part.

We want our products to be in their purest state. They are beautiful and can be seen,, their quality needs no adding.

Through our brand, we decided to make our input to the development of  sustainable agricultural  trading. Our producers respect the environment, we encourage them and have worked together in long-term partnerships.

For our brand, Rochefontaine, we selected  the use of glass jars, which have the highest recycling level : glass can be infinitely reused and favours reducing the use of plastic packaging.

Rochefontaine is a brand commited to its producers, implementing simple choices to respect our planet.

Rochefontaine is commited to its producers,
it implements simple choices to respect our planet.