Our farming skills

We respect nature and promote authentic know-how.

Historical long-term partnership

We create to last.

Partnership with the best farmers

Our history gave us the opportunity to choose our farmers, whom we have now selected for 40 years according to their skills and high quality products.

Our company works in trustful transparent, warm and sometimes family-like relationship.

France is the country where food quality  and flavour standards are the highest.

At Rochefontaine we bring our partners to this French  excellence whilst our partners, bring us their exceptional agronomic and farming skills.

We share our values and we are committed toward our producing partners.

Finding virgen and rich land

Rochefontaine vegetables are grown in rich soil. It is essential to find the best soils and agronomic techniques.

Our suppliers  are commited to ecology, and favour organic methods, essential criteria to be selected by Rochefontaine.

Selection of products/inherent quality

Our products illustrate our values.

Nutri-score A

Our mission is to bring you the best sheer vegetables.

Our work is to fulfil this goal everyday.

All our products are certified Nutri-score A, presented on each of our labels.

All our vegetables contribute to a healthy and varied diet

Selection, process and control

Our goal is to offer you the best sheer vegetables.

Our work is to fulfil this goal everyday.

All our products comply with regulations and highest standards.

Innovating products

Since its creation, Rochefontaine has been innovating and offers new products according to various needs, with ecological packaging.

We favour formats and volumes adapted to various needs, and we are proud of our new range on the market.

Rochefontaine contribution

Our history tells about our commitments

  • Asparagus in glass jars

    For more than 30 years

  • Mini vegetables in glass jars

    Special touch to highlight the best recipes

  • Organic vegetables

    Just water and salt to enhance the ecological work of our people and nature

  • Edamame broad beans

    In 2021, we extend our range to Edamame broad beans in brine: super healthy and nutritious vegetables.